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I am a passionate Nurse Practitioner with 17 years of nursing experience who has spent her career caring for people across the lifespan. I have spent most of my nursing career working in Primary Healthcare settings with Aboriginal people in both remote and urban settings. I have always seen health and wellness as more than just physical, and my nursing background always reflected a wholistic approach to care. It wasn't until I started to embark on my own health and wellness journey that I truly began to understand the Medicine Wheel teachings I learned while working in the north. My journey started at a time where I appeared to have it all; a successful career, beautiful home, loving husband and healthy daughter but felt so unfulfilled and depressed. Life took a drastic turn when we lost everything in a house fire. After we rebuilt it I then suffered workplace burn out and was bedridden for 6 months. The universe was testing me and forcing me to change directions in my life. My healing journey lead me to losing 80lbs, learning how to manage my anxiety and depression, surrendering to my food addiction, learning to love myself unconditionally, and allowing me step into my power and live authentically. During my healing journey and in my clinical practice I saw how mainstream medicine fell short countless times. It fell short for so many of my patients because it focuses only on the disease or illness. It fell short for me. While working in the north I was drawn to the Medicine wheel as it provided a framework that was congruent with what I was seeing personally and professionally in my clinical practice. It validated my beliefs that health and wellness require balance in four areas. The Medicine wheel describes theses as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual directions. Health and wellness requires balance in all four directions. Living authentically also requires this balance. This is what has inspired me to start my own business helping people balance their health and wellness in the four directions, so they can step into their power and live authentically.


"I had been going to my regular doctor for about a year with leg and balance problems and was getting no where. As luck would have it, I was unable to get into my regular doctor and was able to see Shasta. I explained as well as I could as to what was happening. I am so very happy that I got to have her as she did not stop until we found out what was happening. I was sent for many tests and was sent to see a neurosurgeon who told me I would be in a wheelchair for life and my system would start shutting down if I did not have an operation right away. Needless to say I had the operation and am forever thankful for the day I went to see Shasta." - Judy, Sioux Lookout, ON " She is an amazing healthcare professional who has had a tremendous impact in my family!!! I love the holistic health concept and I'm so excited for her! Go and see her for yourself - you won't be sorry!!" - Jennifer, Central Butte, SK " Thank you for seeing the whole picture and listening to my instincts that my body was telling me something was up. It can be a long wait for referrals and tests but sometimes the hardest part is being heard and you heard me. Thank you." - Shannon, Sioux lookout, ON

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