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Shasta Zeeman


“Our health is all we have. Without it, nothing else matters.” Rosie Garner

I help women who feel lost, unfulfilled, sick & tired make their health & wellness a priority so that they can step into their power and go from surviving in life to thriving allowing them to achieve balance in their mental, emotional, physical & spiritual selves.


Hi, I’ m Shasta a Nurse Practitioner (aka super nurse), spiritual junky, wife, mother, & entrepreneur. Like many women for years I put the needs of everyone ahead of my own. 

Isn’t that what a “GOOD” woman is supposed to do?

I was a proud perfectionist, people pleaser, & control freak who help people with their health. My patients left my office feeling heard & seen. Empathy and compassion oozed out of my being. I loved my job, but it drained me.

Personally, I married my soul mate 10 years ago, have a spit fire of a daughter, and a gorgeous abundant life. 

My life was picture perfect, on paper it seemed like I had it all, the relationship, the family, the dream career….


On the inside, I felt unfulfilled, anxious, depressed, exhausted, not enough & unworthy. I was barely keeping it together, I would find myself crying in the car, coming home, and going straight to bed, soothing myself with food or being a workaholic to cope. 

Being a “GOOD” woman took a toll on my health.  It’s absolutely true when they say if you don’t prioritize your wellness, you'll be forced to make time for illness.

A series of events forced me to prioritize my health & wellness as they took away my ability to function, it started with severe postpartum depression, 6 months later a tragic house fire occurred and we lost everything, and 2 years later extreme workplace burnout left me bed ridden for 6 months with adrenal fatigue. These events literally took me out of my life and forced me on a healing journey. I had no other options, I couldn’t manage my day to day life anymore, I couldn’t pretend to be fine and hold up the masks anymore, they were too heavy. I was scared, had no idea who I was, but I knew I couldn’t go on “surviving” anymore. 

During my journey, I realized traditional healthcare was not enough and it was failing me. It focused on medication & counseling for my depression & anxiety but I wasn’t getting better.  Fed up, I began exploring alternative and complementary therapies in addition to my traditional medical plan. I added Reiki, herbs & supplements, mindfulness, emotional regulation, movement, nature, & explored spirituality all of which helped me to start thriving. 


What I learned was healing does not begin in the body, it begins in the mind & soul. I had learned the Medicine Wheel teaching in my many years as a northern nurse, but I did not really understand it.

I do now!

This has forever changed the way I practice as I now not only live these wellness practices daily, I incorporate them into how I provide care to my clients. 

I am so grateful you are here.



"Shasta is the most loving, giving, professional, & expert NP you will ever meet. Her care changed my life, she listened without dismissing me and was able to refer me to a specialist so I could have surgery. I'm forever grateful. I want to know where she tucks her angel wings during the day."

Professional Facts:

I have been a nurse for 17 years, 9 of which as a Nurse Practitioner (NP). 

I started my career as a Pediatric Emergency Nurse and then transitioned into Outpost Nursing before going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.


As a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, I’ve worked with people across the lifespan from birth to death. However, my primary area of focus is women health and pediatrics with a special interest and expertise in:

  • Mental Health – anxiety, depression, low self esteem, disordered eating, & eating disorders.

  • Women’s health issues including reproductive, maternal, sexual health, & aging.  

  • Chronic Disease Management including cardiac disease, respiratory illness, diabetes, thyroid conditions, incontinence, PCOS, & menopause.

  • Health at Every Size (HAES) advocate/provider


Nurse Practitioner
/ners prak-tish-uh-ner/
* Noun

Patient, kind, empathetic, compassionate professional of the healing arts, equally equipped to fights illness & disease, a super nurse.

Facts about NP's

  • NPs are a hybrid healthcare provider that have the knowledge and skills of both nursing and medicine.

  • NPs are Master's prepared and have undergone 7 years of post-graduate education which includes a 4-year undergraduate nursing degree from a university and then a 3 year master of nursing and NP program. Prior to entering the NP program Registered Nurses (RNs) are required to work for a minimum of two years before applying to the program.

  • NPs can specialize in either pediatrics, primary care or adult care.

  • NPs are required to pass a licensing exam.

  • NP practice is regulated by the Saskatchewan Registered Nursing Association (SRNA).

  • NPs are not paid in the same way as most physicians. NPs do not bill the government for the services they provide.

  • The majority of NPs are paid by salary, however, NPs may bill patients directly for medical services as well as non-health care services such as sick notes.

  • NPs bridge the gap in the healthcare system by improving access and reducing pressures on an overwhelmed healthcare system.

  • NPs are the most researched medical profession and research has found that NPs consistently provide high quality, cost-effective care when compared to their physician colleagues.

  • NPs work independently and in collaboration with many healthcare providers including physicians. NPs are not supervised by a physician.  


I love to share my story through workshops or keynote speaking; it is my purpose to help women see their worth allowing them to make their health & wellness a priority. We need healthy women stepping into their power, thriving to change the world. 
I am also dedicated to teaching my fellow colleagues (medical & allied health professionals) helping them to improve the care they provide. A variety of workshops on alternative and complementary therapies, empathy, eating disorders in primary care, weight bias, & HAES are available on request. Other workshops can be developed on request.
I promise to inspire and educate your audience, leaving them feel seen and heard, I would love to hear from you.


NPs are authorized under legislation and regulations to independently:

  • Complete a comprehensive health history and assessment;

  • Formulate and communicate a diagnosis, taking a differential diagnosis into consideration;

  • Prescribe all medications including controlled drugs and substances;

  • Dispense, sell, and compound medications;

  • Set and cast fractures and dislocated joints;

  • Order and interpret all laboratory tests;

  • Admit, treat and discharge patients from hospitals;

  • Order some diagnostic imaging tests;

  • Consult with and refer directly to specialists.

Nurse Practitioners work together with, rather than replace, other health-care providers. They are part of a team and collaborate with registered nurses, doctors, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, and others to provide exceptional patient-centered care.



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