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Mindset Reset: Wellness Series

Learn easy & proven ways to build good habits
towards your authentic self

September 14th - December 14th 





Balance & Wellbeing

Monthly Membership Includes:


Monday Mindset Reset

7pm - 7:30pm (Sk Time) through Zoom weekly

This is a Journaling exercise based on science that uses a easy & proven ways to build good habits and work towards our authentic self by:

1. Focusing on Growth Mindset
2. Celebrating small wins
3. Creating Weekly Intentions
4. Identifying the fears/blocks/energy leaks that are holding us back 
5. Instituting new small habits that get us closer to our goals 
6. Visualization
7. Affirmations 

Wellness Series: Tune IN & Tune UP

7:30pm-8:30pm after the Mindset Reset

Weekly Educational lecture series & Q&A  (1hr)

Each week we will discuss a different topic.
The focus is to share my top tips and tricks to assist you from surviving in your life to THRIVING through achieving balance in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimension. This balance is essential for health & wellness and is required in order to step into your power and live authentically

Topics include:

▸ What is the Modern Women?
▸ Mindset, why does it matter?
▸ Thoughts....... how to calm your monkey brain
▸ Emotions Mastery: Handle them before they handle YOU
▸ What is the difference between an Empath vs Highly Sensitive Person
▸ Self care isn't always bubble baths and champaign.
▸ Unfucking our self image: learning to love our self. 
▸ What is spirituality and what does it have to do with my health
▸ Embracing Uncertainty 
and so much more!
Guest speaker to be announced



You will receive a video giving generalized guidance for the week which includes potential intentions, or places to focus our energy. You will also receive a Video with a 3 card spread where you can intuitively choose your card and receive more specific guidance for you for the week. 

Weekly Oracle Card Guidance ($47 value)

Monthly Journaling prompts ($47 value)

You will receive a PDF with a journaling exercise each month to assist you on your journey of self reflection and discovery. 

Journaling is a powerful way to connect with our inner wisdom, which is sometimes hard to hear in our noisy world that tells us who to be, how to act, & what to do.  Most of us have been conditioned by our external environment or to listen to our inner critic who is screaming at us none stop. We very very rarely turn inward to listen to the whisper of our higher most authentic selves. These journaling exercises will allow you to really get to know yourself,  figure out who we are or who you want to be, what you need, and what your dream life looks like.  This will help you start 2021 off confident and excited to continue your journey of living authentically.



4 payments of $197 +gst 
(Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)  


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