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Femininity As A Superpower!

We all carry both masculine and feminine energies. It’s like the yin and yang. Feminine energy received and masculine energy gives.

When it comes to women’s health, knowing and understanding how our bodies work is important. It’s the only way we can be alerted to when things are off. Unfortunately, most women, my self included were not educated about our bodies. “Down there” is taboo. Where did you learn about your menses? For me, it was Grade 6 health class. I remember being so embarrassed, I could barely pay attention, I squirmed in my seat praying for the recess bell to ring.

I came out remembering two things: 1. How to put a condom on a banana. 2. Periods were gross, dirty & embarrassing. After that I dreaded the day, I would get my period. My mother never talked about her menstrual cycle or anything regarding being a “woman”. My period graced me with its presence the summer of Grade 7, I was 12. I panicked, went to my mother who made me ride my bike to the corner store to by pads. The thought of going to the store, to go down “that” isle and purchase something. I was dying with embarrassment on the inside. I grabbed the first kind on the shelf and was thankful there was an older woman at the till. I knew she understood. When I got home, I put a phone book sized pad on. I had no idea, there were different sizes. It was uncomfortable. From that day on I worried: · That people could hear my pad crunching like a baby’s diaper. · That people could see the bulk in the back of my pants. · When the next cycle would come, I didn’t want to have an accident and bleed through my pants. I dreaded my period most of my life. In my 20’s, I started on hormonal contraception and stopped them completely for almost 15 years. To me …… Menses = torture, embarrassment, an inconvenience Sound familiar? As I’ve aged, I’ve began to embrace my feminine energy. Why? Our femininity or feminine energy is our superpower! We all carry both masculine and feminine energies. It’s like the yin and yang. Feminine energy received and masculine energy gives. We need both in balance to create harmony, health & wellbeing. If you observe humanity, you will notice it’s severely out of balance. We lead with the masculine while suppressing the feminine aspects we inherently possess. This is due to a patriarchal system that sadly devalues and demeans feminine energy and sees its softness and vulnerability as weakness. In my practice I see so many women who are surviving and not thriving in life because they are disconnected from themselves and their femininity.

Not long ago I was too. Embracing my femininity taught me to listen to my intuition & my body, to be more creative, let loose and have more fun, be flirtier, and go with the flow.

Sounds easy right? It’s so hard! I’m a Capricorn, perfectionist, and control freak. I like “to do lists, organization, value productivity, and I’m focused, decisive and driven. The above = A LOT of masculine energy! That imbalance made me sick and took away so much joy, by embracing my feminine energy I regained some balance but struggled to be vibrant. What was missing? Embracing the power of my menstrual cycle! I was working against my body and not with it. Are you ready to embrace your femininity by understanding your menstrual cycle and the natural ebbs and flows of our bodies, hormones, moods, and abilities?


If so … stay tuned for a blog series that will teach just that!

First stop, lets head back to grade school health class and go over the reproductive system and menstrual cycle.



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