Wholistic Prenatal Care

Hey Mama!

Welcome to the motherhood club!

I’m Shasta Zeeman, a Nurse Practitioner and the newest member of the Holistic Physiotherapy & Wellness team!

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time, but it can also be a time of great uncertainty. During this miraculous time, the female body changes immensely to grow another life, these changes create many questions & concerns.

Prenatal care is the medical care received during your pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy. Even in the healthiest individual pregnancy is risky and prenatal care is essential to improve the chances of a healthy and risk-free pregnancy and birth.

For many, prenatal care is the first time seeking a healthcare team to support their health and wellbeing and it’s a unique opportunity to receive individualized wellness care on a regular basis.

In Canada, there are four different types of providers who can provide prenatal care: Obstetricians, Family Doctors, Midwives & Nurse Practitioners. All of which can deliver your baby except for Nurse Practitioners. As a Nurse Practitioner I do not deliver babies.

As a Nurse Practitioner I provide primary healthcare services that care for both you and your family. I can provide prenatal care for pregnant women up until delivery and then immediately postpartum & beyond. I hope to create relationships that last a lifetime and include caring for you, your newborn, other children as they grow, and your partner who often gets left out during this monumental time.

The childbearing years are a special time for parents and are accompanied by great physical and emotional transitions.

As a mother of a beautiful 8 y/o daughter while I experienced great physical changes I was not prepared for the emotional transitions. I went into my pregnancy thinking “I got this!” but quickly learned I was in for a wild ride and there was no “how to manual”.

I had a traumatic delivery that required a c-section, difficulty breast feeding & suffered from severe postpartum depression. I felt like a failure, alone, embarrassed, & envious of the mothers at play group who seems to have it all together.

Parenthood has been the most humbling experience & greatest teacher for me personally & professionally.